Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Interest in old film/ cameras

Today I was thinking about my early photographic experiences...

I remember being around maybe at the oldest 6 yrs old and my parents helped me load a polaroid and then I got to shoot ONE shot... but then after begging I got to shoot a second... and then waiting and watching as the image came to life... it was so exciting!!! I wanted to shoot some more but then they said no - and I think that my grandma let me then shoot a few shots of her camera that took 110 film! It wasn't as cool... but that was better then not shooting at all! She tried to tell me how to look thru it and i just loved clicking the big square button. I think that later they took out the film and let me "shoot" alllll I wanted! A few years later it was the same kinda camera that became my first camera I'd own. 

When I was young my mom use to go and get film developed... She would drive up to a lil booth that was in the middle of the parking lot - I use to think that they had an underground building that had secret stairs that lead below the small booth! hahaha -- It might have been just from something that the lady that took the film said... maybe something like "I'll take it down there today" - or something like that that made me think BELOW the booth. I can remember the multiple boxes of film that sat in the windows for people to buy- and the large colorful Polaroid boxes...  --There was just an excitement that I got from seeing the pics. And maybe just how weird it seemed - like magic... you take this thing - this role in and a few days later WHAM you have a bunch of pictures.

So now that I am older... I think that part of me just has that connection to playing with them as a kid. In the past the film was too expensive for me... limited me from getting to shoot that often.... and now as an adult the film is either discontinued or kinda expensive - so I think that it still holds that limitation/ a feeling of being LUCKY to shoot with it... Besides that it is more of an Artist tool now which appeals to that creative experimental childlike side of me.

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