Friday, November 5, 2010

Scouting Locations

Been waking up early and going out looking at different locations - scouting for caves and new places to shoot. 

The other day I was driving to one of the places I wanted to check out. I drove past these houses and kinda between them was this open gate... it looked like maybe a community entrance down to a beach - there wasn't really any signs on the gate and it was open - so I entered in and then walked a lil ways and found myself on the beach! It was a small hidden private cove, that you could squeeze around to a second totally private cove, along with some giant rocks that you could get too that were a few feet out into the water.... prefect for shooting!

 I had to hurry and check out the place before getting to work at the gallery -So I checked it all out and shot a bunch of shots and then ran back up to the gate - BUT... someone locked and closed it!!! And there was NO way to open it, call for help or get back to where I came from/ where my car was!!  -- After about 15 minutes a car pulled up and I called out to the girl that was driving it... She thought that she was hearing voices- because she couldn't see me only hear me calling to her - hahaha... She was able to get a key and open the gate - otherwise I would have been trapped there all day!  -- Just another adventure in scouting for the best locations!

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