Sunday, January 30, 2011

Art Los Angeles Contemporary

I was able to drop by the Art Los Angeles Contemporary, in Santa Monica today -- I got to see all the work from different galleries, and I was kinda let down! Like there was a few things there that I thought were kinda dynamic and interesting but really.... that was just a few pieces. Maybe I am picky and maybe I am just "ignorant" but, I just find a bunch of what I see artist doing -as just DUMB art.

What seems so odd to me is that they seem to act and think that it is "intellectual." But to me, it is just crap tossed on a canvas, or photos shot poorly and then called "art." I am really tired of seeing crappy art, that has LITTLE to no real creative processes, whose work is all about a concept but offers only a slim visual appeal to the viewer. Also I find it so funny and annoying at the same time that people will ask me what I think of a work and I will say it is just CRAP! - and then they will admit (quietly) that they agree too - but they don't what everyone else to know. BUT I am sure that everyone is thinking the same thing! - They are just afraid that they won't seem "knowledgeable" or that they are lacking the understanding of why it has a deeper meaning then someone might see at first.... Yet anyone can say ANYTHING means ANYTHING... so what is the point of creating something and then "pretending" it has this deep meaning?!

It seems like more art is just thrown together and then said to be intellectually "crafted" - rather then "intellectually crafted" with processes and techniques infused with meaning and purpose. The artwork I see most of the time, in these galleries are just not even worth the gas of driving over to see them! BUT - On the other hand there was a few pieces that I really enjoyed seeing, and whose processes of design and creation I felt were worth taking the time to study and consider. I just wish more of those kinds of artist were shown and made known! =) Hopefully next year!

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