Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebration of Life: Info

My dad was just an amazing man! Such a loving heart and a servant to all -- He was my dad but he was also my best friend. I am continually blessed to have had someone like him in my life - and just to see the way he was a father and a husband is something that leaves me in Awe! Sitting there at his death bed, watching him get closer - there was soooo MANY lil things that he did -even at the last few seconds of his life - that were just so loving and thoughtful! -- I hope to share a couple of these stories at his memorial. (working out those details still) We will really miss my dad, but he is not lost... we know EXACTLY where he is =) And we will see him again! -- Thanks for all your prayers, keep praying for my mom - who seems more concerned for us then herself! =) She too is such an amazing woman and a blessing! love you all -- me

We are having a Celebration of His Life: Open to the Public, Info can be found at:

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