Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dad Made My Mom Dinner

Ok sooo for those of you that don't know... My dad died not to long ago... And my mom was just feeling really down - It was night, maybe 9 PM, her and I were here working on things. She started to tell me she was really hungry but didn't want to make anything... She said that she wished she just had something in a can that she could eat. -- Not have to see about making something. =)

Well, I told here to hold on ... and I ran out to my dads van. It just so happened that earlier in the day I had been working on something and had gotten tools out of my dads truck. And while I was in there a bag caught my attention. It was a bunch of canned food that my dad would keep in his car to give to homeless people... the cans had pull off tops so they didn't need a can opener. So I grabbed one and ran into the house and told my mom that dad made her dinner... she cried and lol a little and enjoyed her dinner. =)

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