Friday, June 3, 2011

Broom Handle and the Garbage Disposal

So today my mom had a pan that has this little screw on it... it went down in the garbage disposal and she didn't realize it till she turned it on... the thing got stuck! So she asked me to try to get it out and try to take it apart to get to the screw that was jamming the machine.

I tried but the little screw was caught between the wall and the base of the blade. I pried on it with a couple screw drivers - but nothing!! No movement at ALL! -- My mom talked to my grandpa and he said that the only thing he has ever know to work has always been using a big wooden broom handle. -- I thought it was funny and just crazy! So I kept trying everything I could do -- all to no avail. FINALLY I thought OK.... so I will try the broom handle... and to my utter amazement I could get the base to turn! HAHAHA... I was then able to turn the base to a point that the screw had a larger hole and kinda fell justtttt a little deeper - when I put my hand in it. So I grabbed some tweezers and was able to get it out! I was totally surprised!!! -- Turned out the broom handle DOES seem to always solve the garbage disposal problems! haha

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