Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last Few Months

Well the last 6 months or so have just been utterly insanely busy! I haven't had much time for artwork, blogging, photo shoots, or really much of anything!! -- I had done some traveling a few times, I was terribly sick for a good month, had family in the hospital, the 1st year anniversary of my dad passing away from his cancer treatments, and we moved!! - So tons of packing and MANY trips moving everything! -- And in that time... for a few weeks I had no net connection... which was really ODD!! hahaha But it was kinda nice since we are so "connected" to the net these days - it was kinda a shock at first but then really not that bad... nice to feel free + be able to get so much stuff done in the "real" world. I also decided not to really do much on Facebook anymore... just what a waste of time! =) ... And I haven't been sure that I want to keep doing this blog... ...?? ... but I haven't really decided yet.... still thinking about it... I just this week have started to really be able to get everything unpacked and settled in... (well, I actually have a TON more to unpack but most of my important stuff is done!) The rest I will work on a little at a time... and I am finally kinda getting back to SOME sort of sense of "normal" .... Kinda pick back up where I was a few months ago before everything in my life got totally turned upside down! =) -- One of my models is in a fashion show this weekend, for the upcoming fashion week - soooo It will be one of the first things I will be shooting in a longggg time... Kinda exciting!

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