Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Spur of the Moment What the Heck Shooting Spree

So I decided that I was going to shoot with Karina Elena the other day... and then after that I decided to just have an ALL OUT -- what the heck - ANY STYLE - In Studio Shoot - but ONLY for the weekend... I wrote some of my regular models and some new ones -- I never shoot with models that I have not worked with on my 3 part series... And stick very firmly to my "rules of working with a model" (that they MUST have already worked with me before) -- but this weekend I broke all my rules =) HAHAHA... I Guess it was my "Independence Day -- 4th of July" blow out! But after this weekend it is back to just working on my series... =)

Here are some teaser shots I've already edited:

More to come soon -- these were shot EARLIER TODAY! =) Now the task of editing awaits! =)

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