Monday, August 13, 2012

Beauty of Nature and examples of suffering/ sacrifice

Today I was thinking about a flower of an orange or lemon tree - and i LOVE the smell of them!!

I began to think of way one can see our lives and the lives of the flowers from those trees... the way that the flower works to grow and transform itself (be transformed) into a fragrant blossom. But then begins to fade, wither... to die... and the tragic thought and pain and suffering of having worked so hard to become something only to loose it all.... In a way the meaningless of it... But I was thinking that, It is only if the flower is focussed on itself... If it were to be able to keep it's beauty, keep it's fragrance... the joy that it might bring.... but... at the same time... if it was to endure its suffering, accept its place and role - it can give far more then it could have ever given by it's own splendor... The flower fades and provides fruit, which fades away too and is also used up - becomes the soil for the efforts of the future... but provides seeds which dry up and endure transformation to the produce a tree that produces many flowers, fruit, and trees.... -- and the thing is the flower nor the fruit ever provided for itself... but always was provided for- given what it needed to have the beauty it had. It's beauty was created by what came before it... Nothing was ever "lost" -- all the sacrifice was used to better the purpose and create more beauty then could have been obtained with just one flower or one piece of fruit...

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