Sunday, September 30, 2012

Enlightened Day

This is a shot that I took yesterday - I love it. Other then my logos and it being resized no other alteration was done to this image - not even color corrections. Yesterday I had just such an enlightened day -- I found all these photographers and their images that I just love - totally inspirational! Much of the work is very much the type that I have liked but then to see it all it kinda inspires me to DO much of what I have been wanting to do and gives me a lil bit of direction to help guide aspects that I like. I also was facing a problem with a few of the art work pieces I have been working on... so I had to put them on hold until I can find a solution that would work the best for them... and it has been a few months but...  I FIGURED IT OUT!  So it was all just very exciting!

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