Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm taking a Hiatus from photo shoots

I decided it is time to take a break from shooting.... So I'll be trying to work with the rest of the models that I have talked to about setting up shoots with - and get those all wrapped up. I might still work with a few of my regular models - Since there is a lot of specific shots and ideas I have wanted to see created... But...  for a while now I have been considering taking a break from shooting... I've just LOVE creating beautiful images ... But tired of dealing with all the drama and the set up of getting the shoots planned... and I can do a shoot and get a bunch of great shots but that is just not enough for me anymore... I want to create / capture something MORE Dynamic then just great shots.... So I think it is time to take a break and see what I really want to focus on.... -- And since I create a lot of different types of artwork -- It is just kinda easier, less expensive, and less drama to do the art. So I have been focussing more of my time and efforts on doing different types of art pieces.

   Soooo if we were set to shoot OR if we had talked about shooting and you were waiting for a good time to do it - NOW is the time! hahaha Before I totally quit shooting! Cool deal, thanks! Wish everyone the best! -- Howard

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