Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hidden Heart <3

I am always seeing "heart" shapes everywhere.... I see them in oil stains on the street, in the way that a piece of string folds over in the wind. I see them in the holes that you can find in old trees or the leaves of some trees... Hearts seem to be everywhere.... I use to think that they were a man made shape... but in recent years I have come to believe that they are a natural shape that can be found all over nature. =) 

This is a recreated version of an older piece... and I wanted it to be my end of the year blog art piece. =) If you look in the piece.... you can see where my heart is hidden. =)    

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Lost Sounds

I was just thinking about different sounds that I heard while growing up - just anything and everything that created sounds like old dvds going into the machine. The way a tape deck, 8 track, or the OLD car push channel buttons looked, felt and the sound as you pushed them. I was thinking about the way that when you transitioned thru channels on the old radios or dial tvs - the click click click or the static moving in and out of the stations.... all that noise and sounds.

How all those sounds that a whole culture has grown up and grown old too... have disappeared with the new digital age. 

And how odd it is to think that when your watching an old movie there are all these types of sounds that are heard that you KNOW what they are or meant (like a telephone that has been left off the hook.)  because you lived thru them...   But kids today have no idea what those sounds are or mean. If it was a warning or notifying you about something...   It isn't a "bad" thing that they don't - just odd to think about. 

I was also thinking back to OLDER times... and all the sounds of nature that we no longer can hear - even SILENCE has been "silenced" hahaha...  Just the thought of sitting silently for longer then 5 minutes is not something that we often do - muchless days or weeks.... makes me wonder how vastly different our lives are and our ways of seeing life and thinking about it....