Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yesterday I walked down to a location I have been wanting to check out... just never have any time! I got out onto the sand and the location was cool and all... But what I found interesting was just the light and the way I felt being on a totally new-to-me beach... I felt very ?? just in awe and everything felt new and fresh.. almost no one was there... It was just a cool and exciting feeling.. kinda like the way I image people that live far from the ocean - how they feel when they are there or are there for the first time in a long time... 

I was looking for these caves and arches and cool stuff like that - had to walk SOO far to get to where I wanted to go and then I was STILL blocked off...  ... But then I was thinking about how it is like Life... always keeps you coming back for more... I also found a cool place for me to shoot underwater... I ordered something to be able to shoot underwater shots! So I'll hopefully have some of those coming up on here soon! 

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