Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 4

Well, in putting our house up for sale one problem about our house is that the backyard has no grass... we had it at one time but then because of our big dogs it just kept dying and then was easier to maintain just as a big patch of dirt. While talking about it to a friend he asked why I didn't plant seeds and wait for grass to grow?? And... I just had never considered it... Since we always just see people ROLL in the grass or place in big square "already grown" grass chunks. So last week I bought some seed for ONLY 6 bucks! Spent a few days turning over the dirt and getting it kinda ready... and then 5 days ago I planted the seeds! So it says 7 to 14 days we'd have grass.... I can't wait! I keep looking for ANY HINT of it... but nothing yet! =)

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