Friday, July 1, 2011

Homeland Security VS Home Invasion

So last night I was at a friends house, about 10PM and there was some hard knocking on his front door. My friend went to answer it and I just assumed that it must be one of his friends dropping by and maybe needing to use the bathroom - because I could hear the man saying Open the door! Hurry!

I was eating so I didn't leave the kitchen-- I could hear part of what was being said by the guy at the door... He said something about being from Homeland Security and needed to be let into the house to get a Government Issued Iphone that "somehow" was just in my friends house... and so I got suspicious and pulled a knife out -- thinking that my friend was about to get forced into the house and robbed. So I figured that the robber would be slightly surprised when he came into the kitchen! -- But after a minute I realized that although the man was determined to get in - he must not have a gun because he had not forced himself in... I stepped out into the door way but left my hand behind my back as if I might have something in it like a gun! haha

The man had shown my friend a badge and ID and continued to demand to be let inside - But my friend is kinda a big guy and just kept telling the man NOPE -NOT going to happen... The man threatened that he would come back and tear the house apart with a bunch of H.Sec. guys a few days from now if we didn't let him in... My friend said GO AHEAD! -- and so at that point the guy kinda decided to leave... -- My friend came back into the house and it sunk in even more that this guy was just a scam artist trying to rob something -- We said something about calling the cops and I think that the guy heard us and saw us watching him and decided not to continue to the next house... AS my friend decided to go ask him for his badge again... The two men quickly jumped into their truck and drove off... My friend got the lic. # and reported it... but it was just so shocking ..... later I realized that although there seemed to be NO crime committed... He claimed to be a Fed. Agent = a Felony!! -- That was my crazy night! haha

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