Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thought I was going to die

So over the weekend I was working with some strong chemicals for some artwork I had been working on... And although it was very windy and I was outside -- I had been working with them for hours straight... and so suddenly it hit me - this dizzy feeling... like a head rush. I thought, "Ok... just a few more minutes and I'll be done...." then I got really dizzy and my heart started to pound a little... I sat down... then laid on the ground... after like 2 minutes I was thinking I should just call it a day... I stood up and the world was spinning... I went out front to get fresh air and again went from sitting to laying to curled up in a ball in my driveway... my heart started to race and I was cold and shaky, it felt hard to breath.... felt so sick!!! I felt all this pressure on my chest and like the more anxious I got about it the more I kinda just felt like I was going to pass out/ die.... -- This was at about 6:30pm and I could not move because I was so messed up... at one point I rolled over because I thought someone was next to me and there stood this girl I had never seen... she asked me if I was ok and then asked if she could hide between the my cars (in my driveway) then asked to use my cell phone... she was hiding from someone -- I was wondering if she was a figment of my imagination or she was real... hahaha... She called a taxi and sat with me trying to comfort me until it got there... She was real =) My phone had the taxi number in it! haha... But SO RANDOM! hahaha

It wasn't till about 8:30pm that I was able to get into the house... but only to the hallway... then by 9 I was able to get to the bathroom on the floor and then it wasn't till 12:30AM that I could stand up and walk around - but my body hurt so bad that I couldn't sleep till 3AM... And ALL day sunday I just was sore... and feeling dizzy and sick -- I had never felt like I was getting "high" or anything... I just suddenly was SUPER SICK! -- Very crappy experience!

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