Thursday, February 21, 2013

Killing this Art

Well, this is a HINT into the look of the room when I am working in it -- working on the artwork -- I have plastic sheets EVERYWHERE!! On the floors on the tables on the walls - I even have it hanging from the ceiling so I can create rooms within rooms. It is annoying to put up, but kinda cool once you have it up-- and it totally looks like the room out of the Dexter TV show - where he kills people... hahaha... The other day -- Jarod (another guy that works with me soemtimes) -- took pics of me stand there on the other side of a sheet and hold some big shears I had up there - hahaha... he made it look like I was about to kill him... hahaha... Yeah... we have to plastic everything to keep all the dust out -- Cool deal... well... it is all coming along! We have been soooo busy - Won't be long till you can see the finished work in the gallery! =)

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