Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy Summer...

The summer is coming to an end - it has just flown by so quick! I have been so busy I can't believe that it is over... wow! 

So much I have wanted to do but just no time - some shoots, some art, underwater photography... But it has been a good and very productive summer!  -- I spent most of it working with another artist, Fatemeh Burnes -- And recently I have started working for both the Pedersen Projects and Mt. San Antonio Art Gallery. Working on prepping the galleries for the upcoming shows - moving walls, painting, ect. They look amazing and can't wait to start to hang the artwork! I also have been working on recreating my logo. I'm in the process of a total revamp of my public image. So it is pretty exciting but busy! 

Today was one of the first real days that I had time to work on artwork. I have been finding it difficult to bring together all my concepts and ideas of the processes I want to mix into a piece. but on the up side.... I realized an idea for creating textures - A problem that I haven't been able to figure out how to paint them the way that I want.... So today I got a chance to do some test painting techniques. I'm already excited about the way it has turned out so far... I am going to have to try it some more to see about if it will really work out the way that I am hoping... 

I think that I have one more super busy week of summer ahead of me and then I think that my time to do more artwork and shoots will open up...  ... hopefully! hahaha

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