Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have been packing up my room since we will soon be moving.... It is just so hard to pack up your things... deciding what to keep and what to trash!

In going thru everything - I have really forgotten how much different artwork I have done - I just have so many pieces and parts and SUPPLIES!!! -- Just tons and tons of different supplies for different types of work - all kinds of photography things, printmaking, painting, sculpture, casted pieces, tons of pencils and pens and inks... but then I have a bunch of assemblage objects that I have found and been storing... so many cool lil pieces of ... well... junk! hahaha It just makes it hard to know what to do with - I also have cloths for shoots that I hoped to one day be able to use in photo shoots - just a bunch of stuff - and I really don't know if I even want to really continue down that path very much...or just "play" with artwork here and there... and so if so... do I just trash my supplies and everything? I don't know....

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