Friday, October 7, 2011

"I noticed you were gone"

So the other day I noticed that one of my pieces was suddenly missing.... just gone and vanished...

I wanted to document it by reworking this piece specifically to reflect that shock of the disappearance... I wanted to try and express how the subject in the piece is kinda ghostly... the original work was sharp and focussed and in this reworked image the subject is fading herself away/ is kinda hidden or distance from the viewer... there is a divide that separates. She is like a dream or a dew in the morning... vanishing... I had altered the original image in order to show this change... But I needed something to make the image remain easily identifiable to what it was formerly... and so I chose to leave the eyes... and I soon realized fittingly so! -- Since the image is so abstracted, but the eyes so sharp and powerful... They draw your attention.... the windows of the soul, everything that was in the original "image" can be found in just those eyes. And I realized then that not only was leaving the eyes allowing the viewers to identify the subject/ the original image.... but it then hit me that the eyes were seemingly watching the viewer too... even haunting the viewer at the same time.....

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