Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alternative Cameras

As an artist I really enjoy creating art from different points of view or trying things out to see what might be created that is new or different for me -- I love to just EXPLORE my creative side... So in the past I have shot models with a regular digital camera, 35MM film cameras, polaroid/ toy cameras, pin hole cameras.... and the list goes on... but since I have been shooting a few polaroid shots while shooting for the 3 part series.... I was thinking about it and what polaroid cameras are today to us - will be the iphone images for our children.... and so I decided that while shooting my models I would try to use a iphone for part of the shoot - and slowly build up a small body of iphone shots - also skype and a few other creative ideas I have... use some alternative cameras to take new images - something more then just my regular digital images... Which I love but at the same time I kinda miss the romance that is found in an image that is not so SHARP and CLEAN..... that romantic quality and deep character of poorly shot images... the flawed shots that give an image a little realness and personality.

From a 1st Gen. Iphone

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