Thursday, September 5, 2013

My grandpa and the Big White Truck

Growing up my dad and grandpa worked together as partners in a Locksmith and Safe business. I always would go to work with one of them and go out on jobs. When I was a kid my cousin and I would stand in the back of the truck about where this shot was taken - and we would "surf" the streets and freeways -- or throw down a blanket and sleep to the rattle and rum of the truck and all the tools in it. I shot this recently while helping my 84 year old grandpa move that safe you see chained down. He is crazy busy all the time - The other day I stopped by his house and he was cutting down a tree in his backyard! hahaha... It's been like 100 degrees everyday too! OH and if you look to the space opposite my grandpa - that is were I use to lay and hang my hand out the door -- I liked to leave my eyes slightly open so I could see drivers reactions -- It looked like my grandpa had a dead body laying there or that if at any moment I might fall out the door-- I LOVED IT! hahaha Old ladies driving would try to wave at him to warn him! hahaha...  ...  ... I sure had fun as a kid! hahaha

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