Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Out of Focus Photography

As I was saying yesterday.... I've really enjoyed playing around and shooting stuff that is kinda a little of the box... I have talked to soooo MANY photographers that want to get the PERFECT shot. So focused on the technical aspect of shooting that they are not attempting the creative sides.... And I feel like the camera industry is focused on making the best quality of images + the photoshop aspect of it -- pushing photographers to "FIX" or edit to death images ... I'm not at ALL saying that PS is bad or that I do not use it... I DO! =) I'm just saying that the push for PERFECT images... kinda steals the creativity or realness out of it - even if it is a faked image... So I think that is why I have really enjoyed the abstracted/ out of focus photography I have been shooting... It leaves a lot to your imagination... like a dream or a memory that you can't quite focus on...  ...  ... It is funny because the first shot I did like this was back in 2006 or 2007... And I loved this out of focus shot I took... but with so many ideas I wanted to play with.... It kinda just never took off... It became one of those things that I was like OK when I have more time... LOL... And since then I have slowly been adding them into my regular shooting habits. =) it is something that I find really exciting to expand on. 

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